Below are the rules that guide me as I decide what gets published here vs. what gets indefinitely relegated to draft text files on my computer. This may seem over the top, but I found putting this to paper a very helpful exercise in clarifying why I have this site in the first place.

Note to self: these also apply in real life.


Assume the others spent immense time and effort developing their position.


Approach ideas humbly. Look for a teacher in everyone.

Be real

Minimize image crafting, curation, or censorship. Admit bias when aware of it.

Iterate quickly

Experiment, acknowledge mistakes, assume I will learn and improve.

Build up

Seek to encourage, help, acknowledge and give hope. Excise negativity and pessimism.


Amplify signal. Do not spend anyone’s scarce attention on verbosity, repetition, or unoriginality.


Only write on topics I find personally interesting, inspiring, or important. Do not write to attract readers or page views.


Write only when I have something to say.


People are physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. People are not solely a professional identity or business asset.

(Heavily inspired by Horace Dediu.)