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Only A Model is a weblog written by J. Ben Deaton.


The great masters do not take any Model quite so seriously as the rest of us. They know that it is, after all, only a model, possibly replaceable.

–C.S. Lewis

But you know where the name actually came from.

My view of the world is only a model. This blog documents my attempt at iterating toward the best one. Here is my process. The best way to get a feel for what I write about is to browse the archive, which contains a long list of every post I’ve written.

About Ben

I live in Boston, MA with my beautiful family. I have a PhD in structural engineering, and my professional life tends to revolve around concrete failure simulation and earthquakes. I work for a Boston engineering consulting firm. I am also a classical violinist, vegetarian, and Christian. I grew up in Atlanta, GA.


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