Why Sublime Text 2

About six months ago I made the switch to the text editor Sublime Text 2 for programming, writing, and finite element model editing. I was tired of switching between TextMate on the Mac and Notepad++ on Windows, so I began looking for a cross-platform tool and Sublime Text 2 won.

I want to document the reasons for my decision in case anyone is in a similar situation as me. This will not be an exhaustive argument—just the (roughly) chronological highlights through which I became a happy Sublime user. Here we go:

So, there it is in a nutshell. I know there are some decent alternatives, but after kicking the tires for a few months, I am sold. If you are on Windows and still pushing forward with Notepad++, Textpad, or Notepad (most engineers I know, sadly), give Sublime Text 2 a look and see if it doesn’t give you some powerful new tools to get your work done.