Two weeks with the new iPad

A few weeks ago I pulled the trigger on the new iPad (the 3rd generation). I have a lot to say that will surely span several posts. In this first one, I want to talk about why I went this route and my initial impressions.

Why get the iPad 3?

There are other reasons, but I think you get the idea.

The experience of buying it

I pre-ordered the white, 16gb version with 4G wireless during launch week. The estimated delivery date was a month later, which seemed like forever, but whatever.

Then, on the morning of the launch day, I saw a post by Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) who said he basically showed up at an Apple store that morning to find there was no line and plenty in stock. I immediately picked up the phone, called the Apple store at Lenox mall and got the same story: zero wait and every model in stock. This was around 11am.

Long story short, the round trip time from my desk at Georgia Tech to Lenox and back was 45 minutes. I walked right up to an associate, told them what I wanted, and in less than ten minutes was in the car driving back to my office. I cancelled the online order in a few clicks and was up and running immediately. I even got real work done that afternoon with it.

Initial impressions after two weeks

Going forward

So those are some initial impressions. Specifically I hope to cover my experience as I investigate its use as a scientific peripheral: writing tool, research reading device, note-taking device, technical presentation console, and also for teaching.