Seize the year with a wall calendar

Whether you are a programmer or a grad student, you often find yourself mapping out a project that covers the landscape of months or a year. Sure, you’ve got Gcal and your iPhone to schedule a thesis committee meeting or lunch with that friend from undergrad with the BMW. But when it comes to laying out the 10,000ft view, you need to see the bigger picture. This is where a great wall calendar shines.


My good friend Jesse Phillips, who my wife and I share a home with, designed the calendar above and developed a successful Kickstarter campaign to get it printed. Versions of this have been sitting around my house for months, and I can tell you: it’s as awesome as it looks.

A calendar like this has a lot of uses for a programmer or academic: mapping out plans for journal article submissions, planning software development feature targets, setting simulation or experimental timelines, or laying out research milestones leading up to your PhD defense (my use case).

Here are some things I like about the calendar:




For those of you looking to make some awesome progress in 2012, I highly recommend you check this out. It would make a great gift for a graduate student or creative type in your life (or for yourself).

Buy the **NeuYear** calendar


Jesse has offered to give away one calendar to a reader of this blog. In order to possibly get one of these shipped to your front doorstep:

  1. Leave a comment on this post saying you’re interested.
  2. A random number generator will select the winner from the list on Friday, December 2nd at noon—you will be notified by email (so use a valid address on your comment).

Update (12/2/2011): Congrats to the winner, with n=3: Dr. Brown. I hope you enjoy it.