Filter a website RSS feed for your specific interests

I am on a never-ending quest to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in my online reading.

There are some sites I want to follow where I am only interested in a subset of the writing. If these sites are high-volume, reading the full RSS feed takes too much time. It’d be great to subscribe to only a subset of a site’s content. Here’s how.

Let’s use the blog Twenty-Two Words, as an example. I like this site, but all I really want are the science-related posts, neatly curated in the “Science and Technology” category:

A quick excursion to the WordPress Codex revealed the following section on Category and Tag Feeds. Depending on the site’s category page link structure, any category page can be converted to a corresponding RSS feed by appending &feed=rss2 or /feed as follows:

So back to our example, I can roll a 22 Words > Science and Technology RSS feed as:

There. Worked like a charm. You can do this with any WordPress-powered weblog.

By the way, I have previously written about some more ways to optimize signal-to-noise in RSS, Twitter, and Facebook.