I belong to Jesus Christ

Over the past years, I have gradually written less and less about my spiritual life online, but I feel strongly that this needs to change and that I need to be more open. This will cause many to cringe, but I have no choice but to say all that I am about to say. I will not deny or minimize my identity.

I belong to Jesus Christ.

I have given up my own life to live a life through God. He will have all of me or none of me. The gospel is a “life for a life” – you leave everything behind to have His life. This means my hopes and desires no longer belong to myself, and I am no longer living for ambitions in this world. Instead, I am living for eternal ambitions and am set apart for His desires. This world is passing away, and only what is birthed and accomplished spiritually in the hearts of men will last. The cost of the gospel is steep, but you will gain a thousandfold in God.

God is magnificent and possesses beauty and purity and power and goodness and love and justice of an inconceivable magnitude. All of creation sings His praise and will one day bow down before Him and worship. Human expression cannot convey the tiniest fragment of his grandeur.

God desires to dwell among people. He is near to those who love Him and call out to Him from a pure heart. He loves and knows and speaks to us. We are never alone and will never be put to shame. We have been filled with His spirit and He resides among us. I live among a church community that is different from most. We are off the grid, with no building, no ministry staff, no pre-planned services. Instead, we gather as family and seek Him with our full hearts. We believe Jesus himself is our only head and we gather expecting to hear from Him together, through each other. We are a body, interconnected and dependent on each other to live the life God has for us. We live life together to stir each other up to keep loving and obeying God. This is the church, and you are invited.

I believe there is one way to this life, one gate, one narrow way: His name is Jesus. He is like a treasure hidden in a field that few will find. That few will be willing to pay the price to gain. You begin this life when you believe His testimony, renounce your old ambitions and attachments, and live every day to know, love, and obey Him and love people, to the very end.

This is a life worth losing everything for. He is worth losing everything for.